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Born and raised in Santiago, Chile, Marcela Lay grew up dancing all types of Latin dances but SALSA has been her passion since she was 5 years old. Marcela moved to Boulder, Colorado in 2004 to start teaching dance.


She is a recognized Salsa instructor at Salsaville Dance Studios where she has been teaching for over 17 years in the Boulder/Denver area.


She has performed for the Boulder Arts Outdoors and has performed for many Salsa Congresses throughout the United States. In addition to being the event producer of ‘Havana Nights”, Marcela organizes workshops and events for local, national and international artists and dancers.

Being one of the judges at "Dancing with the Boulder Stars” (2018), and teaching events like “” is what makes Marcela’s heart beat!

Thousands of students have taken classes with Marcela and learned to develop confidence on the dance floor. Learn SALSA and overcome the fear of dancing, experience connection through movement, and meet new friends.


Discover the joy of SALSA dancing with Marcela!

"Since I found Salsa I have been having way more fun. I've met a really great group of people and I'm learning a ton of new stuff. Marcela is really awesome and easy to lean from."


Zach, Engineer

Boulder, CO

Are you looking to break out of your rut? That's why I'm here! I grew up in Santiago Chile and I fell in love with dance at 8 years old. If you are new to salsa or feeling nervous about trying something new, don't worry! I love to teach new salsa dancers how to move and have a good time doing it!

Let's dance together!

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